World Music in Paradise Feedback Form for Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque Events
Thank you for attending this World Music in Paradise concert and/or participating in the masterclass workshop.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our music offerings to the community as well as improving our logistics and content for the World Music in Paradise Series. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts about this event (your answers can be shared anonymously). Let's keep the musical conversation going. Excited to be on this musical journey with you, -David Alderdice

What event did you participate in?
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How satisfied were you with the workshop (if attended) ?
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What was your overall experience / was there a highlight for you?
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Goran Ivonovic was familiar to me before this
Fareed Haque was familiar to me before this
I felt moved or inspired
I felt engaged in the experience
I was exposed to something new
My perspective has been broadened
I would like to see this concert series continue
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I am intrigued with the series enough to attend a future World Music in Paradise concert
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Looking forward to it!
I am likely to recommend a future World Music in Paradise Concert to a friend
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Looking forward to it!
Do you have any logistical feedback?
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Do you have any concerns or complaints about this event (either concert or workshop) or the 2018-19 WMinP series line-up?
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Are there particular types of music that you have an affinity with that you feel are under-represented in the North Fork Valley?
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How did you find out about the concert?
Are there any other comments or suggestions you'd like to make?
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Thank you for being a part of this musical community! We hope to see you for the Next World Music in Paradise Concert on December 15, 2018 with Embodying Rhythm Marimba Ensemble!
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