CABC-T Faith Missionary Faith Promise Response Form 華澳浸信會展信堂差傳信心認獻表

I/We understand that this faith promise is between me/us and God. I/We will not be asked for payment at anytime.
我/我們明白這個信心認獻是我/我們和神之間的事, 所以在任何時間,我/我們都不會被問及是否已奉獻了上面所填寫的金額。
I/We, in dependence upon God, promise in faith, that with God’s help, to offer.. 我/我們依靠神的幫助,憑著信心認獻以下金額作為教會差傳基金,支持我們的宣教家庭。 *
Amount 金額 *
Total Yearly Amount 全年總金額 *
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