PA STEM Design Challenge (K'Nex Competition) 2020 Team Sign Up Form
Please complete the following form for EACH TEAM that is competing from your district by MARCH 1, 2020. Student Media Release forms are available on our website and via Nadine Homentosky Thank you!
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NOTE: this person must be a teacher or administrator at the district. This person will receive ALL related correspondence about this competition.
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Please enter the complete mailing address of the District Coach for your team(s). This is the address we will send all paperwork.
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Please indicate the grade level your team will be competing in. NOTE: if one or more of the students in the team are in the older grade level, they will compete in the older bracket.
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Please submit this form for EACH team of students that are participating. Once you submit this form successfully, click Submit again to submit your next team.
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