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Our Sponsors provide transformative funds. Through our programs, events, and trainings, your sponsorship impacts over 20 Cincinnati neighborhoods and CDCs. Donate to continue working towards a thriving Cincinnati.

Bank sponsorships provide fiscal institutions on opportunity to give back to their community and support the work of low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and communities. Bank sponsorships are crucial to making many of our programs run.

Bank sponsorships include membership fees and come with promotion on all material based on sponsorship level, the opportunity to address audiences at our large events for Transformative sponsors, free tickets for a set number of employees based on membership level and all additional member benefits.

Community sponsorships provide our partner institutes in the community the opportunity to get involved in our organization. These groups, ranging from businesses to community-based non-profits, are heavily involved in bettering our community. Sponsorships include all member benefits, as well as hosting select events at their location and priority marketing for community events throughout the year.

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