I thought it would be fun to ask people what they wanted to learn about. If you could take just 5 minutes to tell me what the single biggest challenge that you're struggling with in your business right now.  If you could just take 30 seconds to tell me what that is A.) It would mean the world to me and B.) More importantly, I'll be able to use that information to gear my emails (posts, blogs, etc.) towards topics you specifically want to learn about 
BESIDES COVID-19.... What's the single biggest challenge that you're struggling in your business? *
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How would you describe your business and how did you determine your Niche or specialty market? *
What do you love most about your business? *
If time and money were no object, what creative and/or business training would you take right now that would make the biggest impact?
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How did you determine the structure of your business? *
What year did you graduate high school? *
Are you a... *
How would you describe how satisfied and creativity fulfilled you are in your business? *
What do like least about running your business? What's areas or tasks are outside of your comfort zone in your business? *
How often do you evaluate your business, take refresher classes, or do training for you and/or your team? *
What role does mindset, stress management, time management, or work/life balance play in your career or business success?
If there was a movie, show, or character what represents you or your style... which ones would it be? *
If money were no object, what parts of your business would you prefer NOT to do and assign to someone else? *
How often do you invest in training or continuous education? How important is training or continuous education to you and your business?
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