DEX Interview Participant Form
Hi there,

This is a short questionnaire to verify your eligibility for an upcoming user interview. This interview is an opportunity to provide feedback on DEXs and will help exchanges better understand your needs in order to incorporate them into products.

We’re currently scheduling participants for interviews that takes place during Dec 23 to Jan 4. Interviews will be held over Zoom online. If you’re interested in participating, please complete the questionnaire below. If you're selected, we’ll then be in touch directly to discuss details and set your appointment time.

【 Description 】
You will perform a simple task to test out three prototypes of a DEX new interface. After you complete the task, we will ask you some questions about the experience.

The entire testing including the interview will take around 1hr and you’ll receive 30USDT as a token of our appreciation.

【 Requirements 】
- You have traded on a DEX. (at least made three trades)
- You are familiar with using MetaMask wallet.

【 To participate you will need to 】
- Share your computer screen with us
- Have webcam and microphone equipments for video communication
- Allow us to video record the session

【 Contact Me 】
Please email to if you have any question.
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