ITU Art Bazaar at Lahore Biennale 01
Fill this form out to become a part of Pakistan’s largest digital public art showcase, and have your work displayed on public screens and smartphones all over the city during Lahore Biennale 01 (LB 01)!

The Lahore Biennale 01 is a fourteen-day event that will turn Lahore into an active art exhibition and engagement space for audiences of over 11 million. LB01 aims to celebrate creativity, foreground diversity, foster coexistence and participation, and encourage a multiplicity of representations.

As one of the academic partners of the Biennale, Information Technology University (ITU) is collecting artwork from young artists (16 - 35 years old) who might otherwise not have access to a platform as grand as the Biennale to display their work.

The Process:
1. Young artists (16 - 35 years old) will use this form to submit images of their artwork.
2. Our curatorial team will select artworks to become part of the ITU Art Bazaar.
3. The works selected will be displayed on public SMD screens in high-traffic areas of Lahore, alongside the artists' names.
4. The Lahore Biennale app and website will also feature galleries of these images, allowing Lahore's millions of residents and thousands of brands the ability to view the works in more detail, and contact their creators.
5. These galleries will remain accessible even when the Biennale ends, allowing the ITU Art Bazaar to become a permanent online gallery for Lahore's artists!

**All your information, other than full name, will be kept confidential**

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Please note that due to technical limitations of public SMD screens, we will be cropping all images to fit a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (portrait format), so if you want to control how they look on the screen, uploading images with that resolution will help.

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