MIT x Harvard Blockchain Accelerator - Spring 2024 Cohort Application

The MIT x Harvard Blockchain Accelerator is a student and alumni-led effort to support founders and builders in Web3 who are affiliated with either institution.

Our accelerator is an 8-week program to help web3 founders scale their businesses:

  • Non-dilutive Program: This program is non-dilutive for founders and builders who are affiliated with either of these schools. Our goal is to give back by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in web3 for the MIT and Harvard communities.
  • Mentorship from Leading Web3 Founders, Operators and Investors: Founding Mentors include Pacman (Blast & Blur), Keone Hon and Eunice Giarta (Monad), Kenny Li (Manta), Jeremy Rubin (BTC Core Dev), Mirza Uddin (Injective) plus mentors from leading web3 companies and firms like a16z, Avalanche, Dragonfly, Galaxy Digital, Polygon, Standard Crypto, Symbolic Capital, and more

This program is for:

  • Students, faculty, researchers, and alumni affiliated with MIT and/or Harvard
  • Founders who are committed to working full-time on their project
  • Individuals looking to be a part of and contribute to the broader Web3 community at MIT and Harvard
Program Dates: This cohort will run from May 2024 to July 2024
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