Michigan Balance of State Continuum of Care: Communication Preferences
The Michigan Balance of State Continuum of Care (BoS CoC) is committed to helpful and effective communication with its members and the Local Planning Bodies represented by the BoS CoC.

This survey is confidential and sharing any contact information beyond your email is optional. You can also share this link with other members of your Local Planning Body so they can provide information to us.

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Communication Style
These questions are interested in your professional communication preferences.
How do you prefer to receive professional communication (e.g. topical information, updates, funding notices, documents)? Please check all that apply. *
What do you prefer when it comes to frequency of communication from professional contacts? *
Using the scale below, what is your preference for detailed information? *
Just the headline
Full description and reference
Feedback for the BoS CoC
You are receiving this survey because you are on the BoS CoC mailing list. These questions will ask you about your experience with email and other web-based communication this year.
Type of Communication: Email *
I get too many emails from the BoS CoC
I want to see more emails from the BoS CoC
Are the emails helpful to you? Do they provide enough information?
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What other information would you like to see in the emails?
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Type of Communication: Website *
I don't visit the website
I visit the website frequently
Is the website helpful to you? Does it provide you with enough information?
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What other information would you like to see on the website?
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Type of Communication: Webinar *
I don't think webinars are helpful
I think webinars are very helpful
Is there any information you would like to see shared via webinar?
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Is there a different way you wish the BoS CoC would communicate with you? Is there an agency or business model that communicates well with you that we should follow? Examples are helpful!
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About You
These questions will help the BoS CoC know a little bit more about you and how you feel connected.
Which Region(s) do you serve? Please check all that apply. *
Are you connected to any Local Planning Bodies? In what way?
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Do you attend any Local Planning Body meetings (sometimes known locally as Continuum of Care)? *
Every county in the geographic area of the Balance of State has an elected member seat on the BoS CoC Governance Council. Elections are completed by Local Planning Bodies and a membership application is submitted. Are you now or were you previously a Governance Council member for the BoS CoC? *
Please feel free to share your contact information (e.g. phone number, agency or business, job title, etc.).
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