R Certification Survey
R Consortium has started a working group on a Certification for R. This certification would allow professionals and students to acquire fundamental skills and knowledge of the language.

The goal of this certification is also to help recruiters identify and assess the skills of potential recruits.

This WG will be 'industry-driven', in the sense that it will be driven by the needs of the current R professionals and data science recruiters.

That's why we are reaching out to you, as we are conducting a short 5-minute survey about the needs of people who would potentially recruit people using R or who are currently working with people from this domain.

Thank you for participating in this survey!

What industry do you work in? *
What is the size of your company? *
What country do you work in? *
Which of the following best describes the area of work you currently work in? *
Which of the following most closely matches your job title? *
Please indicate which of the following tools you have used: *
If you have ever reviewed a resume from someone who uses R , which of the following do you find most important?
If you have ever reviewed a resume from someone who uses R , do you think applicants have sufficient R skills compared to the needs of the market?
Do you feel like you have access to sufficient R trainings? *
Would a certificate from the R Consortium be a positive sign from an applicant, in your opinion? *
If you answered "No" to the above, please explain.
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If you already work with others who use R, would you encourage them to enroll in a certification program?
Please select the top 3 topics that you think this certification should cover: *
Would a sector-specific (i.e. R for pharma, R for insurance, etc.) or expertise level (basic, intermediate, advanced) testing be more useful for you? *
What are the top 5 R packages an R user should master?
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Feel free to leave any additional comments that could help us in building this certification. Thanks!
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