What Makes a Great Athlete?


This survey consists of 14 short questions, and it should take 3-5 minutes to complete.

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This survey is part of ongoing research into athletic performance optimization based in San Diego, CA. If you'd like to see the results from the survey when available, please enter your email address and name at the bottom. If you know anyone interested in "What Makes a Great Athlete," kindly forward this survey along.

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1. When you hear the words "GREAT ATHLETE," who is the first PERSON that comes to mind? *
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2. In your opinion, what are the THREE most important CHARACTERISTICS that make GREAT ATHLETES? (List three words or phrases, separated by commas).
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3. Which ONE of those THREE CHARACTERISTICS is MOST IMPORTANT? (Choose one word or phrase from your previous answer).
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4. Are you currently an athlete? If so, at what level? *
5. What is the highest level you reached as an athlete? (Now or past) *
6. Do you have ATHLETIC COACHING OR TRAINING experience? If so, what is the highest level you reached? (Now or past) *
7. How many YEARS of PERSONAL ATHLETIC EXPERIENCE (exercising 3+ times/week) do you have in TEAM SPORTS? (e.g. soccer, football, basketball) *
8. How many YEARS of PERSONAL ATHLETIC EXPERIENCE (exercising 3+ times/week) do you have in INDIVIDUAL SPORTS? (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, tennis, yoga) *
9. Do you have AT LEAST THREE YEARS of education or experience in any of these areas? (Check all that apply).
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11. Your current age?
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12. Your email address (Please enter if you'd like the survey results).
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