Matt McWilliams Consulting, Inc. Agency Application
Would you like an opportunity to learn Affiliate Management directly from Matt McWilliam's and earn a spot working with him and his clients.

This five week training program meets twice weekly and emphasizes affiliate management, client relations, and running affiliate programs. This is NOT a paid program.

If selected for this program and after successful completion, you will be elligible for employment and/or contract work with Matt and his clients.

Please enter your information and answer the questions below to complete your application.
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The following are open-ended questions with no right or wrong answer. We are simple looking to learn how you process certain situations:
If you are running an affiliate program and you find that one of your top affiliates is breaking the rules, what would you do first? How would you proceed from there? *
An affiliate asks you for a special landing page. This is not something you have previously discussed with the client. How would you handle this situation? *
A client has asked us not to share his course with affiliates unless they have a track record of making sales. An affiliate with a tiny list and no track record requests access to the course. How would you respond? *
Affiliate Program Questions
NOTE: all of these answers can be found on Matt’s website or podcast.
According to Matt, what is the ideal cookie length for affiliate programs? *
According to Matt, what is one of the 3 C’s of a successful affiliate program? *
According to Matt, what is one of the reasons why affiliate programs should work with small affiliates? *
Application Agreement
If you are selected for this program, do you commit to showing up for all sessions of the training? *
If you are selected for this program, do you agree to not disclose any confidential information with anyone outside of the program? *
Do you agree that once you complete the program, your intentions are to obtain employment or contract work with Matt McWilliams Consulting, Inc.? *
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