Hell Week 2017 Application
Application form for the Effortless Swimming Hell Week camp at Thanyapura, Phuket, Thailand
Which week would you prefer?
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Which country do you live in?
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What sport do you compete in?
You may choose multiple sports.
Why do you want to come to Hell Week?
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Tell us about a time you worked incredibly hard for something and it paid off:
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List your top 3 personal or sporting goals for 2017
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How did you first hear about Hell Week?
Are you able to commit 8 days/7 nights and invest $1900-2400 (AUD) for the cost of the camp? Please note it does not include airfares to get to the camp. Please note if you tick 'no' your application will not be considered.
Please share your Skype ID or phone number with country code, and time zone.
For assistance, use countrycode.org and timeanddate.com. If we need more information from you we'll schedule an interview.
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I am wanting to book a:
If you selected 'twin' or 'triple', please write the name of the person/people you would like to share with:
Both people must submit a separate application unless you are sharing with a non-swimmer
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