ICCWG Seekers Circle 2019-2020
ICCWG Seekers Circle (Ages 14+)
Saturdays, 10:15 AM - 1:00 PM
Start date: Saturday, October 5th

SEEKERS CIRCLE is a fun and interactive program at ICCWG that provides an inclusive environment for teens (ages 14+) to learn about Islam and explore their faith identity. Participants explore a variety of topics including: establishing a relationship with Allah, personal spiritual development, understanding our purpose, prophetic character and biography, American Muslim identity, and more. Seekers Circle sessions include discussion, spiritual reflection, activities, games, and food. The goal of the program is to equip Muslim teens with the strength of faith, confidence in their identity, and sense of community that they need to successfully meet the challenges that are characteristic of American Muslim adolescence.

The program is free of charge, but since seats are limited, we ask you to register as soon as possible to reserve your seat!
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