Tele-therapy Survey 2021
Please complete if you and/or your child has received teletherapy sessions this year with Ms Tabatha Lynch. The information provided is kept confidential and assists administration be making informed decisions about the improvement of the program.
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Have you (as a parent/guardian) received personal contact from the therapy provider?
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Have you received support from the provider that you feel has been helpful to you and your family?
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Has your child participated in tele-therapy sessions this year?
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Do you feel the program has been beneficial?
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Would you recommend that BGCS continue to offer these services?
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What would you recommend that BGCS do to improve the program?
Please provide your name and your child's name if you would like to continue services through the summer.
Complete the next few questions only if you are new to the support sessions and would like to be contacted. These services are free and offer support for social and emotional needs for you and your child.
I would like to sign up to receive tele-therapy sessions for my child.
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