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Year three is happening. We're back at the Holiday Inn again! Sign up to run an activity in Spark Station. Most panels will be limited to one hour, if you feel you need more time, let's talk about it. Please apply, tell me what you're thinking, and we'll do our best to make it happen!
About You
Returning Specialist or new, I'll still need some basic info about you! Email will be your main point of contact, but we all know that doesn't always work. I ask for a second contact so that I can remind you to check your email if I've sent something and haven't heard back for a while.
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Your Activity in Spark Station
Just tell me a little bit about what you're thinking. I'll get more details and descriptions from you later. Things like drying time matter due to space and time constraints, so be sure to mention it if it's likely!
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About Supplies
As a Specialist, you will be expected to provide the materials for your activity. Due to budget restrictions, we can't provide everything, but are willing to share whatever we do have, and will consider requests for stuff we don't! Let us know here anything you're looking to use from our stock or that might end up being a cost to us. (You'll have another chance to be more specific later, I just want an idea of what this activity would cost CoreCon.)
Supplies you will provide
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Things you're hoping Spark Station has in inventory
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Anything else you'd like to tell me?
Related to your activity, that is. You are, of course, welcome to tell me about your love of peanut butter sandwiches or tell me about your obsession with otters holding hands, but they aren't really relevant, so don't expect me to hook you up with peanut butter sandwiches or to populate the pool with otters. Cuz that's just not happenin.
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