Financial Self-Audit
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Very Important
Of little value
Saving and accumulating money on a regular basis is
Providing educational funds for children is
Having a professional advisor involved in my insurance, investment, and retirement planning is
Developing and maintaining a strategic financial plan is
Having an up-to-date will and power of attorney is
Minimizing the impact of inflation and taxes is
At retirement, having sufficient funds to retire on my own term is
In the event of my death or my spouse's premature death
Very Important
Of little value
maintaining our family’s lifestyle is
paying off any outstanding mortgage or debt is
providing for our children’s post-secondary education is
In the event of a disability or critical illness for me or my spouse
Very Important
Of little value
being able to pay off the mortgage and other major bills is
maintaining our standard of living and lifestyle is
being able to pay for any additional medical expenses is
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