Lovefest 002 | Vendor Application
Archer Hotel | February 11 + 12, 2017 | 11a - 3p

Hey makers and shakers! Is Lovefest for you?

This show is for small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs that target like-minded folks with an appreciation for design and community.

The Swoon Event is teaming up with Archer Hotel to offer a curated, fun-filled Valentine's pop-up market for its hotel guests, Second Kitchen and Bar patrons and the rest of the Austin community. We are open to makers offering a fresh take on gifts - handmade and paper goods, jewelry, art, boudoir photography, leather goods, clothing, candles, etc. You catch our drift! We're also on the lookout for a killer DJ and live music.

This is a live advertisement for your brand. This is your chance to show shoppers your passion in an interactive and pressure-free environment. While we push to get as many people there as possible, this is not a cattle call. This is a time to connect, party and introduce the community to you and your brand.

• Application Fee (non-refundable) - $5
• Indoor Space (5' deep x 6' wide) - $75
• Food/Beverage Space : (5' deep x 6' wide) - $148 (Includes Temporary Food Permit of $98)
• Electricity : $5 (Please only select this option if it is vital to your display or service.)

• Vendors are responsible for all decor, tables, additional lighting and any other items needed for the set-up of their booth. Hotel chairs are available for your use.
• Booths can be shared with one other business for an additional $35. Both businesses must fill out a separate application and note that they are working with the other party.
• Food Vendors are required to have necessary permitting prior to full acceptance into the event. Please submit your food application directly to REVELRY dba The Swoon Event (We will be responsible for supplying you with your food permit.) Application is available here -

• Your name and website link featured on The Swoon Event's website.
• Your company featured on The Swoon Event and/or REVELRY social media
• A digital flyer for you to use for promotion prior to the show.

• All applicants must submit:
• Complete and signed application
• Application fee
• Booth fee
• Shared booth fee
• Electricity fee

Payments are to be submitted within three (3) businesses after acceptance into the event. Please note: A $30 fee will apply for any returned payments. Due to time restraints, incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
• Vendors are free to use other companies' products to accessorize within their booths, but you cannot actively promote, pass out business cards or sell products for a company that is not a participant. This makes it fair for everyone. If someone asks where a detail from your booth came from, then by all means share!
• We are a small business supporting small businesses, so we are here to support each other. Therefore, we rely primarily on local publications, grass roots marketing, social media and vendors to get the word out. These are effective tools, so if you have a passion for the show and plan on spreading the word, please let us know it! If you have no interest in promoting your work or supporting other vendors, then this may not be the best fit for you. You don't need to have a big following, just a passion for your work and supporting others.
• Please note that because of event obligations, refunds after acceptance into the event will not be granted if you are unable to attend. It would be your responsibility to find a replacement that fits the aesthetic of the event. We must approve before they can move forward.
• If the event is canceled for any reason, then we will provide refunds.

If you have any questions, please feel to reach out a or Thanks so much for your interest!

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