Provenance: An Initiative
You’ve likely never heard of John Moulton. In 1882, Moulton arrived in Doland with the advent of the railroad and filed a homestead claim six miles northwest of the town site. That winter, he built his section. Nearly every Sunday, Moulton could be seen carrying a huge bundle of lumber upon his broad back, carrying a barrel, or carrying provisions for his shack. Every bit of furniture and material that went into that shack, or that went into keeping Mr. Moulton alive during that winter, was carried six miles from Doland on the claim owner’s back.

Provenance is an initiative to archive, share, and honor the rich stories of the Doland pioneers. We hope you will join us by sharing yours. If you have any questions, please message the Doland Facebook page or e-mail sldeslauriers@gmail.

This form has areas of information we are interested in. We recognize that just like your own story, the information you have and the forms that it is in is diverse. For this reason, upload what you have: oral stories, pictures, newspaper clippings. We'll take it all.

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