Vmod board v1.01
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What this board does for those who aren't familiar with this.
This is a voltage mod board for modifying gpus or motherboards. What this allows is adjusting voltage of the vcore (voltage of the core) vmem (voltage of the memory) or other various voltages that need tweaking. Additionally, it keeps the wires off the video card or motherboard which keeps the mods cleaner looking and out of the way of power cables, ln2/dice pots, air coolers, or waterblocks. It also has one ground wire to the card, so no need to run several ground wires on the card.
Is the price of $14 usd a good price for a fully assembled board? (except the led, resistor, voltage meters and trim pots.) *
What color would you like to see in the future on the boards? (first production run will only be in green to get them out faster.) *
Would you be willing to give feedback on the board once you have it in your hands? *
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