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Hello there! I'm Shealea from Shut up, Shealea (, and one of my projects is to build an extensive directory of Asian bookish creators. This includes book bloggers, bookstagrammers, and booktubers.

My platform is largely dedicated to promoting books written by marginalized identities, but of course, as someone from Southeast Asia, I have a soft spot for Asian representation, as well as for Asian bookish creators like myself. In fact, my Asian Book Bloggers Directory from 2019 was forwarded to numerous authors and publishers who had been in search of #ownvoices Asian reviewers for their titles.

For 2020, I want to establish a more inclusive directory that could be of assistance to all forms of bookish creators. Thus, the Asian Book Bloggers Directory from last year has now expanded and evolved into the Asian Bookish Creators (ABC) Directory. I hope to use this directory to give Asian bookish creators the visibility and recognition they deserve, as well as to help them find opportunities.

By filling out this form, your platform will be registered to the ABC Directory and you will be allowed to display our logo on your site.

Additionally, with your consent, I will forward a copy of the information you will provide to authors and/or publishers, should they request for it. You can, however, opt against this. Withholding your permission will not prohibit you from appearing on the public directory. Take note that I reserve the right to delete responses based on my own judgment.

Thank you!
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NOTE: This Google form is for Asian bookstagrammers. If you are a different kind of Asian bookish creator (i.e. book blogger, booktuber), then please proceed to this link and fill out the appropriate form:
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