2019-2020- School Counseling Needs Assessment/Teacher-Parent Form
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Listed below are some of the services offered by your school counselor. Please indicate which services have been most beneficial to your student in the past or might be most beneficial to your student this next school year. *
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Classroom Guidance
Collaboration and Consultation with School Staff
Collaboration and Consultation with Parents
Collaboration and Consultation with Community Agencies
Group Counseling
Individual Counseling
Referral to Outside Agencies
Testing and Assessment
What do you feel are the most important topics for classroom guidance? Mark your top 3 choices *
What do you feel are the most important topics for group counseling? Mark your top 3 *
Specific tops are often addressed in individual and group counseling (depending on the current needs in the school). Below is a list of some of these topics. Please select up to 8 topics that you feel are most important. *
What topics would you be interested in learning more about (or covered) at Parent Day or at a Parent Night?
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What suggestions do you have for Woodstock Elementary School's Counseling Program?
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