TutorChatLive Volunteer Tutor Application

Join the movement to bring educational opportunities to low-income students as an online volunteer tutor!

Complete the following questionnaire and assessment. We will let you know the results within a few days.

Approximate time to complete: 30 - 90 min, depending on the subjects you plan to tutor.

Optional: Please send any transcripts, resumes, or other documents to lkovalenko@tutorchatlive.org.

*Master, MD, JD, PhD, or any other Doctorate-level Candidates: If you have obtained, or are currently pursuing, a degree higher than a B.A. or B.S., you are only required to answer the next page of this questionnaire. We will, however, need some evidence that you have obtained or are currently pursuing this degree (e.g. school email address or transcript).

*Trouble shooting: If you are having difficulties submitting this form:

1. Try the following link http://bit.ly/1rP7Maw
2. Try a different browser
3. or, contact lkovalenko@tutorchatlive.org