Sharing The Harvest NL Registration
Food banks and food programs in the St. John's metro area should fill out this form in order to register with our 2020 pilot program. If you are outside St. John's metro, we can add you to our database and connect you with hunters in your area once they register.
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Which food bank/food program are you a part of? *
Where is it located? (City/Town) *
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How many clients do you serve per month? *
How many donations of frozen 1.5 to 2 lb packaged moose meat could you accept at a time? Do you have freezer space concerns? *
Are you able to pick up donations within the St. John's Metro area? *
Do you already have your permit from the Department of Wildlife? Please note that it has to be renewed each year. Registration info is  here: *
Thank you!
That is all the info we need right now, we will be in touch with you shortly.
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