Real World Studios // COVID-19 pre-visit form
When you arrive, please press the Ring doorbell by reception and someone will find you. Please remember to sign in and out with a member of staff or using the iPad system. Contactless sign-in is available, ask a RW staff member for a pre-registration email if you don't have one.

For any queries please email

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For contact tracing purposes we may need to contact you. Your personal details will be kept secure and won't be shared outside of the organisation.
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e.g. 'Bass guitar player', 'artist management'. If your visit to the Real World is not necessary, please avoid visiting. We are trying as much as possible to minimise number of people on site. If in doubt, please contact us.
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Are you bringing any equipment with you into the studio (excluding overnight items)? If so, please detail. Feel free to email a document to us if the list is big.
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