EAL Admissions Information
This form is for students who wish to enroll in the EAL program in Vincennes University's English as Additional Language (EAL) program. Please complete all information requested below.

Make sure you also fill out the VU admissions application. Choose the correct application for your situation:

If you are a US resident/green card holder/DACA/TPS, you can apply to VU at https://ssb.vinu.edu/PROD/bwskalog.P_DispLoginNon.

If you are an international student, you can apply to VU at https://vuadmissions.vinu.edu/InternationalAdmissionsApplication.aspx.

Non-degree seeking students can apply to VU at https://www.vinu.edu/documents/4390381/5454493/Non-degree+seeking+form+2018.pdf.

Following your admission in the EAL program, you will take an English Language proficiency test and be placed in the appropriate classes by the EAL department. Please contact Professor Emily Gannon by email at egannon@vinu.edu or by phone at 812-888-5121 or the VU Admissions Office by email at vuadmit@vinu.edu or by phone at 800-742-9198 if you have additional questions.
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