Get Out the Vote for Julia: June 20 - 23
GOTV (Get Out the Vote) is the most important part of any grassroots, people-powered campaign, including ours. This is when we make sure that all the voters we've been connecting with throughout the course of this campaign know where, when and how to vote — especially because COVID has shifted normal voting procedures!

We really, really need as many people as possible for this final push. Will you help make sure that all the work we've been doing to re-elect Julia turns into votes? Sign up for as many shifts as you can!
PHONEBANKING: The main tool we'll use to tell people where, when and how to vote for Julia is phonebanking. We're only calling our supporters, so if you've never phonebanked before, this is a great way to start! No experience necessary; we'll train you on what you need to know.
TEXTBANKING: Join us as we text voters to remind them to VOTE!
DOOR HANGERS: We're hanging a Julia palm card on the door of every supporter in the district. This glossy door hanger will have info about Julia to remind people why they want to vote for her. This will not involve door-knocking — only hanging cards on doors in a COVID-19 safe way (which you'll be trained on). We're going to cover the entire district on June 21, so sign-up for as many shifts as you're free for. We'll follow up to on-board you to the process. (And only sign-up if you live in the district or can safely get here on June 21.)
ELECTION DAY: Are you free on June 23 (Election Day!) for in-person help? We'll be doing visibility at poll sites and placing door hangers around the district. If you live in the district or can get here easily, this is an amazing way to help!
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CAR / BIKE: Can you move around the district easily? Or do you have a car we can use as a staging location for GOTV activities? WE NEED YOU!
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