[AIRDROP]ZeroXRipple and can be found value of $750 in USD!!!!
#TokenName: #ZeroXRipple

here is nothing to purchase! Nothing to loose! And yes it is limited - So hurry, don't miss! You receive Get 250,000K coins for just creating your account.


Thought it was a joke! But, after speaking to some experts and company rep knew 'BIG MONEY' on the table! Get 25,000 coins when you sign-up! PLUS...5,000 free coins per referral!

XrpZero will launch in Jan. 1, 2019 on Cryptopia at price $0.03 If you haven't done the math here... 25,000 ZeroXRipple coins x $.03 = $750 (You're welcome) And yes it is limited - So hurry, don't miss!

and can be found if searched on #etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0x53fac935215e2d37c6041d95e35dd56c79d8ebb9
#Expected Release: Jan 2019
#Exchange to be traded on: #Cryptopia
Currently in airdrop phase 1st one expired in which 25k(signups) 10k referrals were given out by just simply signing up, email verification, and you recieve alot of tokens. Currently the airdrop is at 15k signups and 5k for referrals. Thats a value of $750 in USD!!!!

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