Best Progressive Metal Band 2018
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Progressive Metal can encapsulate a rather broad sub-genre group, including where the following fundamental components apply: dominated by technicality; dominated by unpredictable song-writing ethos. The definition of Progressive is not limited to or restricted by these fundamentals.(includes all derivatives of the broader Metal family, including Extreme, Oldschool, etc, provided that the fundaments described are present AND dominant)

Please note band MUST have been achieved 7 gigging points within the dates of 01 January 2018 to 31 December 2018 OR

Released an album / single / EP / Music Video

Gigging points:
local gigs = 1 point each (max of 6 points)
out of home city gig = 2 gig points each
out of country points = 3 points each (max 6 points)
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