Spark & Tell Application 2021
This format is to give beginning or experienced presenters an opportunity to share a best practice in 15 minutes. Each 60 minute session is divided into three 15-minute segments, allowing participants to get more personal attention and more information in a short amount of time. We will have three presenters within each session and they will each present once.
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We are Seeking Presentations Addressing the Following Topics
1. How to deliver Project Based Learning in a Hybrid model?
2. Engaging students in a virtual platform
3. How to close the achievement gap
4. What do administrators do to address teacher stress and overload
5. Addressing SEL including anxiety, depression and dealing with drama
6. Effective lesson transitions in a Hybrid Model
7. Effective communications and connections with families and community members.
8. Curriculum specific sessions
9. Teaching Music, Art, Tech Ed, FCS and other encore subjects in a Hybrid model
10. How to deliver Service Learning in a Hybrid or Virtual model
11. Favorite Apps used in delivering curriculum
12. Dealing with Moral and Ethical Issues
13. The Successful Middle School: This We Believe
14. Mental health & wellness during COVID-19
15. Hybrid learning best practices
16. How to assess students online
17. Dealing with diversity in face-to-face, hybrid and virtual classrooms
18. Incorporating social/emotional learning in a virtual classroom
19. Leadership in a hybrid or virtual model.
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