Students and Scholars Referral Form
Each year, many individuals and ministries contact us desiring to introduce students to us - international students and scholars who are coming to Japan and Japanese students who are returning to Japan. In order to streamline the process, we have set up the following form. All information gathered will be used solely for the purpose of following up with the individual.

We encourage you to speak with the student or scholar beforehand, introducing KGK to them, and making sure if it is all right for us to contact them.

In the following form, "the person referring" is the person who is introducing someone to us (eg pastor, parachurch organization staff, etc). Further down, there is a "info of the person who you are referring to us" section. Please enter the student / scholar's info there. If you are the individual wishing to connect with KGK, please enter your information in both sections.

We appreciate your partnership and trust in introducing to us this individual. May God bless you.
If you have any questions, please e-mail

Name of the person referring *
"The person referring" is the person who is introducing someone to us (eg pastor, parachurch organization staff, etc).
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Church / Organization *
Please enter the church and/or organization to which the person referring belongs (eg. Eighth Presbyterian Church, IVCF, OMF)
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E-mail address of person referring *
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Telephone number of referrer
Please enter country code.
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Name of student / scholar *
Please enter the name of the person you would like to introduce to us .
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Gender *
Please indicate the gender of the person.
School and campus
Please enter the name of the university / school where the individual studies or works. If the school has multiple campuses, indicate that as well.
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Area / City
Please indicate which area in Japan the individual will be going. It can be a specific locale or a name of a nearby city.
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Year in school
E-mail address
Please enter an e-mail address at which we can contact this individual.
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Is the individual baptized?
Date of baptism
If the person is already baptized, when was it? The answer can be vague or specific (eg. Spring 2015 and May 5, 2015 are both all right)
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Date of arrival in Japan
Please indicate when the person is scheduled to arrive in / return to Japan.
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Knowledge of KGK *
Does the person know KGK?
Interest in KGK
Is the person interested in getting involved with KGK?
Additional comments
Please enter any information that may help us 1) get to know you and 2) better follow up with this person.
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