Plant Clinic Problem Evaluation Form
During this time, we are accepting inquiries to our clinic via email and this intake form. Please submit your plant/insect problem using the form below and send multiple, high quality photos along with this form to Please title your message clearly so we know which intake form to match the images to. For plants, please take high quality photos of both healthy and diseased tissue, plus photos of the whole plant. For insects, please take high quality, up close photos. Thank you and we look forward to serving you.

Our volunteers are working periodically, and so we appreciate your patience in receiving responses. We hope you and your family are well at this time.

The SOREC Plant Clinic Staff

Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center - Jackson County Master Gardener Online Plant Clinic
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Please describe your problem or concern
Plant Identification (if you know - common name, scientific name, cultivar, etc)
When did you first notice the problem?
How old are the plants?
Was the plant transplanted?
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What part(s) of the plant are affected?
Have you seen the problem occur before? If so, when?
Is the problem changing or spreading? If yes, please describe.
Are other plants in the area affected? If yes, please describe.
Have you previously pruned this plant? If yes, please describe.
Please describe irrigation or watering practices, such as the amount of water you use and frequency of watering events.
Have you fertilized? If so, how long ago and what type of fertilizer?
Has the area been sprayed? If so, what as sprayed (e.g., weed killers, insect sprays, neighbors spraying, etc)?
Please describe the environment, abiotic factors, and exposure to weather (e.g., sun, shade, wind, rain, temperatures, etc.)
Have you notices holes in the bark, insects in or around the plant? If yes, please describe.
Have you noticed any animals nearby (e.g., gophers, moles, deer, etc.)?
Are there any other notes, comments, or observations you would like to add?
Will you email photos? Send to and include your name in the subject line.
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