Spring 2019 Recital Attire Order Form and Confirmation- Ordering or not ordering, please read instructions and complete the form- due MARCH 18TH
You only need to fill this form out once. Thank you for helping us be able to plan more effectively!

We are SUPER EXCITED about the upcoming recitals, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve your child in our dance program. This years theme is: Walk on the Wild Side!

We hope to have the recitals on Saturday, May 18th; however, the venue's policies prevent us from reserving the auditorium more than 60 days in advance. We have submitted the request to reserve the facility and hope to have final approval of the date soon! The venue recital fee of $15 will be charged on April 5th and DUE BY APRIL 20TH to cover the expense of renting the venue. The recital fee can NOT be refunded; therefore, it's important for us to know now if your child will or will not be attending. You will not be charged the $15 recital fee if your child will not be participating in the recital.


Students from last semester: If you ordered recital attire last semester we are using the same costume. However, please TRY ON the costume and shoes to ensure they still fit. If they no longer fit, you will need to order new merchandise. We are NOT able to exchange or return merchandise that has been worn.

New Students: If you choose to participate in the recital, you must order your costume on this form.

IF you are NOT attending, please fill out this form and pick "NOT attending" to the required sections. We will not send you continuous followup information or charge your account for the $15 recital fee.

Please follow these instructions carefully to properly order recital attire.

We place only one order for attire to the vendor. We do not keep merchandise in stock or on hand.

Please order what you need by filling out this form by: MONDAY, MARCH 18TH, 2019.

We will send you an email when your order is delivered to your child's school.

There will be one Exchange Day for new orders should something in your order not fit. Exchange Day Instructions will be included with the costume. All items to be exchanged must be brand new in original packaging. This is a one day event please plan to have someone make any necessary exchanges. If you are unable to make it to exchange day, you can contact our office for mailing instructions.

Clients on auto-pay: Your card will be charged on March 19th with what you order on this form.

Clients not on auto-pay: An invoice will be emailed on March 19th and can be paid through our online parent portal at www.stretchngrowtx.com or you can mail a check. Invoice must be paid March 19th.

To set up our Auto-pay option where monthly tuition is paid automatically OR to pay by card online, you can take the following steps:
1) Visit our website www.stretchngrowtx.com
2) Log-In (contact our office if you are unable to log-in)
3) click on "payments" in the bottom left red column to submit payment information for one time payment OR
4) Click on "auto-pay" to set up the auto-pay option

The following attire is REQUIRED for girls and must be worn to perform - Order form is below.
-Girls Recital Costume must be ordered from us (includes costume, hair bow, and tights)
-Pink Ballet shoes (can be purchased locally or ordered through us)

The following attire is required for boys and must be worn to perform- order form below
- Black dress pants (Purchase on your own locally)
-White long sleeve button down shirt (Purchase on your own locally)
-Bow Tie and Cumberbund (Required-order from us below)
-Black Ballet Shoes (Can be purchased from us OR purchased locally)

**We are using the SAME COSTUME we used last Fall. Once again, if you already have a costume be sure to try the costume/shoes on to ensure they still fit.
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Parent(s) FIRST name *
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Child's First and Last name *
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Which childcare center does your child attend? *
The recital attire will be delivered to this school so please be sure to choose the correct location.
What is the name of your child's class *
We will/will not be attending the recital *
We are waiting on final approval of the facility to confirm the recital date in May. We have requested the facility for Saturday, May 18th. We will notify parents via email, text and facebook with the recital date/time as soon as we receive confirmation. Please note that a $15 recital fee will be charged on April 5th and due by April 20th.
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Sizing Chart for Costume- Click this link for a video on how to measure https://youtu.be/gBYJ6VWIURA ** This Costume does NOT come in XXSmall, please order the Xsmall even if your child is smaller than 4T. It runs small and stretchy.
Girls recital costume.
Girls Recital Costume Order. $69.00* (See sizing chart above) Includes tights, hair piece and costume. *
*This costume was chosen based on current stock. If the company happens to run out before we place the order, then we will choose a different costume with same pricing that is in stock.
69 points
Pink ballet shoes
Pink ballet shoes Order -Girls Only $20 (sizing note) *
NOTE: Ballet shoes run small and you should order them 2 sizes LARGER than street shoe. Ex: If child wears size 8 street shoe, then order a size 10 ballet shoe) **Shoes can be purchased from us or purchased locally; however, PINK shoes are required.
20 points
Black ballet shoes Order-Boys Only $20 (sizing note)
NOTE: Ballet shoes run small and you should order them 2 sizes LARGER than street shoe. Ex: If child wears size 8 street shoe, then order a size 10 ballet shoe) **Shoes can be purchased from us or purchased locally; however, BLACK shoes are required.
20 points
Bow Tie/Cummerbund Set for Boys Order. (This is a sample and we will order a light pink to match the girls costume)
Matching Bow Tie/Cummerbund Set-Boys Only $20 (sizing note)
NOTE:The bow tie and cummerbund have elastic sizing and one size fits all for children. The color will match the girls recital costume.
20 points
You will now get a reply saying your response has been recorded. That means we've received your reply/order. You will also get an emailed copy of your answers. The 'View Score' button shows you the $ dollar amount of your purchase and it will be added to your Stretch-n-Grow account. (For instance Total points 69/89 means you ordered $69 of the total $89 in attire and fees available.) If you are on auto-pay it will be drafted on March 19th for recital attire. If you are not on auto-pay please log in and make payment or mail check on MARCH 19th.. We do not issue refunds. We can exchange only unworn merchandise in original packaging. Thank you!
Questions? Email sngoffice@stretchngrowtx.com or Call office at: 806-632-3267
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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