Serve It Forward Grant
***Five grants have been given this semester and all applications submitted from now on will undergo greater scrutiny to receive funding***
To be competitive
- Ensure that the opportunity is service and not advocacy ( i.e. cleaning up a road is considered service, but raising awareness about the environmental impact of litter is advocacy)
- Read all requirements carefully before applying

ServeUGA's Serve It Forward Grant was created to help reduce financial barriers that may prevent smaller organizations from serving the community. An individual organization may only receive funding once per semester with $100 max allocation. If your application is approved, payment will come in the form of a reimbursement after receipts are received and processed. Funds are granted on a first come first serve basis.

The grant may offset the cost of:
1) Transportation to a service site
2) Supplies for a service project
3) Other service-related activities may be funded at the discretion of ServeUGA

1) Must be a registered student organization or university affiliated organization. Grants cannot currently be given to individuals.
2) Not currently receiving funds from ServeUGA or other student fee allocations (SGA, Honors, Franklin, Terry, etc).
3) Must apply at least 2 weeks in advance of activity
4) Activity must be service-related
5) Must not have already received the Serve It Forward grant this semester
6) Must only request up to $100

Please email if you have any questions about your eligibility or the application process.
You will be notified of your status within 7 days of your application's time stamp. If accepted, you will need to submit an itemized budget with estimated costs.

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