SwitzerLAN vs Covid-19
We are currently working out different possibilities to be able to have a SwitzerLAN this year. But as the situation is very unclear at the moment we are seriously considering having an alternative version of the SwitzerLAN in 2020. Because of Covid-19, we might not be able to organise SwitzerLAN normally this year. This means that we have to find a different way or potentially postpone SwitzerLAN by a few months or even skip it in 2020 to come back in 2021.

For the following scenario please imagine we would implement these changes:
- Only around 1000 participants instead of 2000
- A separated area for each participant with an own table
- You would have to sleep under your table
- You would need to keep distance to other participants also during smoke-breaks or a beer at the bar
- No double mattresses would be allowed
- Ticket price would need to rise to around CHF 150.- to cover the additional hygiene measures, security policies, separate table for each person, additional space even with less people attending etc. (many of the costs of SwitzerLAN are fixed costs and with fewer participants we have less tickets to cover these)

The seating plan could be finished only shortly before the event but we would make sure that clans can sit together.
Possible Seating Arangement
Participant POV
LAN area
Would you still come to SwitzerLAN 2020 if we would implement all these changes? *
How much does each of the following factors weigh into your decision? *
Not at all
A little
A lot
Sleeping partly beneath/next to your table
The number of attendees being halved
Having one person per table
No party at the bar
Higher ticket price
Not being allowed a double mattress
The "LAN feeling" being different
Concerns about hygiene at the event
Concerns about COVID-19/Coronavirus in general
If we had to move the SwitzerLAN to a later date would you still participate? *
Such a postponement could be up to 4 months, and dates would be dependent upon venue availability and other factors
Please provide any thoughts you have that will help us to understand your answers *
How many times have you attended SwitzerLAN previously? *
In which canton do you live? *
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