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Hi! My name is Lolita Taub. I'm an investment scout for Indie.VC, a venture partner at NextGen VP, and an LP at Operator Collective. If you're a fit for any of these funds (see criteria below), I will reach out, refer you and champion your company for investment! If chosen for investment by Indie.VC, I will also personally invest $10K into your company.

//Indie.VC Criteria --
• Post-revenue companies, min. $10K MRR
• Tech or tech-enabled companies
• US-based
• Founders who want to avoid venture capital
* Indie.VC check size of up to $1M

//NextGen VP Criteria --
• Potentially category-defining companies that could be the #1 player in their space
• Demonstrated strong customer interest in their product
• Exceptional leadership team that can grow as the company grows
• Pre-money valuation of $15M or lower (seed or Series A)
• US-based
• Broad range of industries, although a plus if the network of Venture Partners can be helpful in generating large numbers of warm customer leads
* NextGen check size of up to $2M

//Operator Collective --
• Enterprise / B2B companies
• Must have a product in market with customers
• Seed, Series A, and Series B round

Lolita Taub
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