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Helping the Tech Prof Help YOU
The "Teaching Techies" are the folks (like me) motivated to enhance your technology education. The class goal is to expose you to myriad technologies used in Healthcare or in their research phases. Considering we only have 15 short weeks together, we have some exploring to do. Look forward to finding some interesting, enlightening, and surprising technologies.

If you could please answer the following questions honestly, the Professor will try to use your answers to gain a better idea of who you are as an all-around person, rather than just a student at SSU.


Thanks, Merci, Muchas gracias, Obrigada, Arigato, Danke schön, Toa chie, Spasibo

First Name and Last Name
As in YOUR given first AND last names.
Your answer
List 5 things that fill in the blank to "I am _______________". (Ex: female, smart, independent, Italian, an Uber driver)
Your answer
Any challenges the professor should know about you and your learning style?
Please be specific (I work full-time, English is my second language, etc). Your answers will be confidential.
Your answer
Have you used any healthcare technology yourself?
Please be specific (ex: crutches, warm/cold wraps, surgery, aspirin, etc).
Your answer
What are your learning strengths?
Perhaps confidence, public speaking, visual learner, etc.
Your answer
What are your learning weaknesses?
Such as lack of focus, time constraints, language challenges, etc.
Your answer
Have you ever had an "awesome" teacher/professor? What traits made the teacher/professor so awesome?
Your answer
Have you ever had a "class from hell"? What made the class so horrible??
Your answer
What software are you familiar with?
Check each one you have used, or still use.
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