Helping the Literati Help YOU
The "Literati" are the folks (like me) determined to enhance your technology education. The class goal is to increase your computer literacy which is a lofty goal, considering we only have 14 short weeks together. Think we can do it?? How about you commit to learning at LEAST one new thing a week... and I commit to teaching many new things each week?

If you could answer these questions honestly, the "Literati" will use your answers to focus the class on what you don't know, rather than covering what you DO know. ¿Comprende?

Thanks, Merci, Muchas gracias, Obrigada, Arigato, Danke schön, Toa chie, Spasibo

First Name and Last Name
As in YOUR given first AND last names.
Your answer
What programs have you had any formal computer instruction for?
Email, Internet, Word, IM, iTunes, etc. If NONE, write NONE.
Your answer
What software are you familiar with?
Check each one you have used, or still use.
What software is confusing to you?
It's OK if you check all of them - it's my JOB to introduce them to you (and for the record, I love my job).
How much do you know about using computers?
Computers, email, ipods, cell phones, video games, etc.
How familiar are you with technology terms?
URL, Bluetooth, GB, malware, java, etc.
What was your worst computer nightmare?
Please be specific (ex: lost my final exam because I didn't save it).
Your answer
What was your best successful use of computers?
Please be specific (ex: bought a car on Craig's List).
Your answer
Any challenges the professor should know about you and your learning style?
Please be specific (I work full-time, English is my second language, etc). Your answers will be confidential.
Your answer
What are your computer strengths?
Social media, Word, Internet research?
Your answer
What are your computer weaknesses?
Understanding error messages, typing, Excel?
Your answer
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