Mopar 10 Registry
Register Your Mopar 10 and help document a legend! Note that some questions are required. We will never release VIN #s or Personal Information. We are collecting the VIN #s only to authenticate M10s in the future. You do not have to submit any personal info, but it would be nice if we had a name, or forum handle to assign to your entry/car number. Lastly, you can select whether we provide your e-mail contact info to future owners should you ever sell your Mopar 10 and they are looking to build a history of the car. This will NOT be done without the registrant's permission. If you would like anything added to the form, please let me know!
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Is Your Mopar 10 a US, or Canadian Build? *
What Number is Your Mopar 10? *
What Stripe Color is Your M10? *
What is Your VIN Number? (Only used for documentation purposes). *
Automatic or Manual Transmission? *
What Stereo is in Your M10? (Look for a 3 Letter Code in the Bottom Right Hand Corner, or describe it to your best ability).
Which Best Describes Your M10's Driving Status? *
Do You Have the Complete Owner's Kit? *
If Not, What is Missing from Your Kit?
Are You The Original Owner? *
If You Are Not the Original Owner, What # Owner Are You? (Second, Third, Unknown).
What Dealership Did Your M10 Come From?
What is Your First Name? *
What is Your Last Name?
Where Are You Located? (Can be generalized)
Would You Like to be Added to the Mailing List (Maybe 1-2 per year). *
Are You a Member of the Mopar 10 Registry Forum? *
If so, what is Your Forum Handle?
Is Your M10 Stock or Modified *
If Modified, feel free to elaborate
Quarter Mile Time (13.00 @ 108) Your Town Speedway, DA appreciated
Dyno Numbers
The Mopar 10 Registry can be found at the following...Check all where you prefer updates! *
Should You Sell Your M10, Do You Give the Registry Permission to Give New Owner's Your Contact E-mail. (This will only be done when you grant permission and we will contact you prior to confirm). *
Would You Be Willing to Attend Regional, or National Events with Your Mopar 10? *
Thank You for Registering Your Mopar 10! Please spread the word on the Registry! *
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