Stanford Jazz Orchestra Audition Information Sheet 2018-19
All students interested in playing in the Stanford Jazz Orchestra (MUSIC 161B and 161BZ) should complete this intake form and attend the first rehearsal Tuesday, September 25 in Braun Rehearsal Hall, Braun Music Center room 110 with instruments for first round of auditions. The band will read through a variety of compositions that will serve as an assessment for sight reading skills.

Individual auditions will be held on Thursday, September 27 to determine the final selection of musicians. The schedule will be as follows:


Questions regarding Stanford Jazz Orchestra can be directed to Mike Galisatus at

Zero-Unit Enrollment: All Stanford students playing in Department of Music ensembles are required to register in Axess. If you are unable to enroll for units in MUSIC 161B due to the unit limits of your major or advanced degree program, you should enroll in the zero-unit version of this ensemble, MUSIC 161BZ. Request permission from your instructor.

Zero-unit courses appear on a student’s transcript.

For additional information, consult the Zero-Unit Enrollment page:

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