Saints Unscripted Scavenger Hunt: Phase One
There will be three different phases (or forms) over the course of three weeks. Welcome to Phase One!!

Phase One will last for 7 days, Tuesday (February 14th) through Monday (February 20th) (though you will be able to submit responses after February 20th for partial credit on each question).

On this form, you will find a variety of challenges. There are some riddles, some trivia questions, some photo or video submission questions, etc. Each challenge is assigned a point value based on difficulty. Your task is simple. Complete as many challenges as you can. Earn as many points as you can.

The five participants with the most points by the end of the 3 weeks will win. It will be advantageous for you to complete as many questions from the three phases as possible.
  • You do not have to complete all challenges.
  • You do not have to complete these challenges in order.

  • You are allowed to use any resources at your disposal for help, but you may not share answers with others.

  • All forms will be scored on March 6th-- no additional submissions can be added after this date. Winner will be notified no later than March 9th.

Please enter your name (your real name, an alias, whatever you wish! Just be sure to use the same name with each form for each week or your points will not be combined.) 
How can we contact you if you win the challenge? (Enter your email address, phone number, or public social handle below) 
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