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The Story of Evil - Volume I follows Stephen Brightflame, Tyrus Canard, and Kari Quinn during an entertaining jousting tournament when everything turns to chaos. Steve, Ty, and Kari’s city is unexpectedly attacked by a ruthless enemy known only as the Hooded Phantom and his massive army of monsters. The three young adults try to survive as their family and friends are carelessly slaughtered and the city they call home is destroyed.

Steve, Ty, and Kari each decide to stand up and fight back against the insurmountable army of evil, despite knowing their slim chances of survival. Through their bravery and courage they become the inspiration and hope of a fallen city. They become Heroes of the Siege.

Heroes of the Siege is the first volume in an exciting new series called The Story of Evil. For fans of classic fantasy, this book features intense battles, surprising twists, and shocking revelations as heroes battle villains in an epic tale of good vs. evil.

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