OG Captain Application for Sail

Thanks for your interest in becoming an OG Captain for on Sail! If you need a primer on the product, please visit our docs

Sail Protocol is currently in beta, meaning Ships can only be launched by Captains holding the access pass NFT

Complete the following to apply:

1) Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/sailprotocol

2) Open a DM in the #og-captain-applications channel

3) Complete this form 

ETH Address *
We will analyze your NFT trading activity for this address to assess quality of NFT trade history! We'll also send the OG Captain NFT to this address.
Twitter (open dms) preferred so we can contact you. Otherwise, we'll try Discord.
Discord Handle *
Captains must fundraise from Sailors for their Ship. If you became a Captain, where would you find Sailors (contributors) to join your ship? Please include relevant discord or twitter links.
Where did you hear about us? *
Questions or comments (optional)
Any extra comments or questions, reach out or leave a note here!
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