Senior Parking Request 2019-2020
Please complete this form by at your earliest convenience. Completion of this form does guarantee you a pass but DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PARKING SPOT.
ALL questions on this form must be answered to be considered for a parking pass. Do not leave anything blank. Before you begin, be sure to have all of the necessary information for the questions below.
DO NOT COMPLETE THE FORM MORE THAN ONCE. If you need assistance filling out the form, please come to Commons B for help.
Last Name *
First Name *
Personal Cell Phone # *
If you do not have a personal cell phone, please provide a number that we can reach you in case of parking emergencies. Ex. (603) 000-0000
E-mail address *
Please provide an email address that you will check regularly. Your school e-mail is acceptable.
Make of Car *
(Ex: Honda, Subaru, Toyota)
Model of Car *
(Ex: Accord, WRX, Corolla)
Color of Car *
(Ex: Red, Gray, Blue)
License Plate # *
NH Driver's License # *
Open Periods *
Please check every period that you have OPEN. This will help us to know which students may be arriving late or leaving early.
Senior Parking Responsibilities *
Please check the box after reading and agreeing with the following statements: I agree to park only in the senior parking section of the CHS parking lot. In addition, I will not share my parking pass with any other student. I understand that attaining a senior parking tag is a privilege and it can be revoked at any time due to failure to follow any and all school rules. Additionally, I understand that not abiding by these responsibilities will result in revocation of a senior parking tag.
Validating license and Registration *
Please check the box after reading the following statement: I agree to show a valid driver's license and vehicle registration when I'm ready to pick up my parking pass.
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