NZSDC Regional Coaching Application 2020
Applicants must be willing to:
- Attend the relevant regional competition (see dates:
- Train your team: Generally you should aim to train the team for a few weekends between Regionals in March and Nationals in May, but it is at your discretion as to how you arrange this.
- Attend Nationals from the 22 May to 25 May

Coaching appointments will be made in line with NZSDC's Coach Selection Policy found here:

Please send any questions to

This application must be completed by Sunday 16 February by 12pm.
Applicant 1 - Information
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Applicant 2 - Information
You may apply as an individual or as a combination. Council reserve the right to separate the applicants if a stronger combination can be formed. However, deference will be given to the fact that the applicants applied as a combination. Further, in the case where there are two strong coaching applications as individuals, they may be appointed together as a combination.
Applicant 2 - Name
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Which Selection Panel are you applying to? *
Candidates may apply to multiple regional selection panels. Please submit different apllications for each regional selection panel. In this event, the panels will reach their coaching appointments independently and if the applicant is appointed to multiple regions, the applicant will be required to choose which region they will be appointed to.
What regions would you like to be considered as a coach for and what is your preference within those regions?
If you are applying to the Upper or Lower North Island selection panels, you may apply to coach between 1 and 4 regions within that selection panel in each application. If you are applying to Canterbury or Otago/Southland you may only apply to 1 of those region in each application.
1st Preference
2nd Preference
3rd Preference
4th Preference
Not Applying
Bay of Plenty
Hawke's Bay
Central North Island
Please explain your suitability to coach the regions you have applied for (e.g. connection/experience/commitment to that region, relevant logistical factors like transport/accommodation/willingness to travel)
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Coaching Combination - If you have applied as a combination, why have you applied in that combination? (If individual - please state if you would be willing to coach with another coach) *
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Why do you think you would be an effective coach or coaching combination? *
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Please list any relevant experience (e.g. coaching or adjudicating) *
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