Forging Roots: Deepening Into Ancestral Communion
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This Online Workshop Download is an introduction to ancestral communion as a practice and includes practical tools, personal stories, and a guided experiential activity. It is inspired by my own personal connection to my ancestors as well as by the years of experience I have in facilitating and supporting ancestral connection with others.

This online workshop is designed to help empower you to develop your own personal connection to your ancestors and to practice ways of speaking with them and receiving their support. Please take what feels useful from this workshop and adapt it to your own cultural, spiritual, and relational practices.

In this workshop digital download you will receive:

A 60 - minute video lecture recording that covers the basics of ancestral communion. I will also share how I came to connect with my own ancestors and will discuss experiences of ancestral communion I have heard from others in my own practice. I will also share tips, recommendations, and things to be aware of when starting ancestral relationships.

A 10 page PDF with exclusive content, including an experiential ancestral invocation spell, a guide on setting up a consistent ancestral practice, and an introduction to ancestral altars.

A 20-minute meditation to help you ground, clear, and protect. The perfect way to prepare you to practice divination or open up to ancestral guidance and oracular communion.

Suggested donation is $22 - $55 sliding scale. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. If you are not able to send a donation, please support this offering by sharing it with your communities.

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