KOA Clan Creation/Clan Leader Application
Please fill out the form to the best of your ability, and try to elaborate as much as you can.
What is a Clan?
Knights of Academia has their own Habitica parties that we refer to as Clans. Clans often have their own theme or area of focus and a leader who is passionate about that focus. For example, Bards of Academia is KOA's music-themed clan and Fiction Faction is KOA's creative writing-themed clan.
The Clan Leader Role
We call the leaders of these parties Clan Leaders. Clan Leaders engage their clan by interacting with their members, recruiting, and setting up events such as quests and challenges. By doing this, they maintain their Clan as a home for people on Habitica where self-development as well as learning and growing together are at the forefront of the mission of their Clan.
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If your username on Discord is different than your username on Habitica, please write both.
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What KOA Clan are you interested in creating or leading? *
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Why should your Clan be a part of KOA? *
Go into specifics here; pitch your clan to us. What specific visions/plans/aims do you have for your Clan? How would your Clan align with KOA's mission? How would your Clan differ substantially from our already existing Clans? How do you plan on leading your Clan? For those of you who are applying to lead a Clan but not create one, how would your leadership apply to all of these things?
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Do you have any additional feedback or suggestions regarding Clan Leaders and their role in KOA?
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