Protect Undocumented Students at Western Washington University
Dear Western Washington University Administration,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter from WWU Blue Group. The Blue group has served Western Washington University as the first club for undocumented students and their allies. Our club consists of about 18 active members but we know there are many more undocumented students on our campus. As part of the mission for Western it is your goal to serve the diverse communities of this campus, for more perspectives and inclusion for everyone’s well being. We as undocumented students make up part of the diversity of this campus and as such also deserve “a collaborative environment where faculty, staff, and students contribute to the mission of the University”. Since the elections, undocumented students on this campus have come under attack by others including from staff and faculty, simply because we are undocumented.

We have become very active the last two years and have spent countless hours educating others about our struggles and hurdles as undocumented immigrants in higher education. After this Presidential election many of us are uncertain about not only our future at Western, but our futures overall. The fear in the undocumented community is palpable--but our community is strong and we have optimism that our allies will come through and fight this with us. So we come to you asking for help. Specifically we are asking Western Washington University to come out as an institution for and with undocumented students. We want Western to be a safe haven for our community so we urge Western to be the first school in Washington state to come out as a safe place for undocumented students since the election.

We are also asking the institution to meet the following requirements listed below that are not only necessary for undocumented students to strive but are long overdue as our community seems to be growing at WWU.

We, the Blue Group ask that the institution publicly comes out in support of and for undocumented students--thus creating WWU a safe haven for the undocumented community.
We, the Blue Group ask that a center is created on campus that will focus on supporting and providing resources for undocumented students.
We, the Blue Group ask that WWU hire a full time director for the center that is trained and has experience working with and for undocumented students.
We, the Blue Group ask that WWU provide funding for immigration lawyers to be available for undocumented students.
We, the Blue Group ask that more scholarship opportunities be provided by WWU
We, the Blue Group ask that there be better collaboration between offices and departments on campus such as Admissions, Student Outreach Services, Education Abroad, Financial Aid, Student Employment Center, Counseling Center, Career Services Center, etc., to provide a holistic service to undocumented students.
We, the Blue Group ask that WWU ensures that departments on campus have at least one person trained and educated on helping undocumented students such as Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office, Fellowship Office, Study Abroad Office, Employment Center etc.
We, the Blue Group ask that their be a university website for undocumented students that would have a comprehensive list of resources available to undocumented students on WWU campus.

This campus should be a safe place in which all students are able to learn in a welcoming environment in which they do not fear for their own safety or have to hide part of their identities. We are asking you to take action in this time of need.We hope to schedule a meeting with you soon to move forward with making WWU a more inclusive, safe, supportive, diverse institution for undocumented students.

Undocumented, Unafraid, and Unapologetic,

The Blue Group

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