365 Writing Challenge 2021 3rd Mission Sign Up
Do you struggle to write consistently?
Are you ready to grow as a writer?
Do you need encouragement and a friendly challenge to keep you motivated?

Then join the 365 Writing Challenge and spend four months surrounded by amazing writers, encouraging and challenging one another to reach their goals. This challenge is all about commitment and participation. The 2021 theme is exploring space. Together we're going to set our personal goals and go on 100 day writing missions together. Meet your goals and help your team accomplish their mission.

This mission's dates are:
Aug 30th-Sept 12th-Training Camp
Sep 13th-Dec 26th-100 Day Mission


- Each 100 day mission includes a 2 week training camp planning sessions before your team launch.
- You set a personal 100 day word count goal and your team helps you reach it.
- Receive badges for reaching goals, for writing consistently, and for helping teammates (editing/critique hours) and sharing your journey with your readers (platform hours).

For only $25/mission you get:
-Access to space camp and your team mission
-Access to the private Facebook group & the spreadsheet to track your progress
-Ability to participate in Friday Flight Deck Check Challenges & Warp Speed Sprints
- Receive Tuesday Toolbox emails with essentials to building your craft
-Weekly team accountability check ins with a mentor
-Three expert led webinars to accelerate your writing career
-Free entry into the mission contest (flash fiction)
-Monthly group coaching sessions to help you troubleshoot your story issues and career.

Plus you will get the official vinyl sticker for 365 FREE via postal service (even if you're international).

REGISTRATION is open from Aug 26th-Sept 4th.

*You must have access to Google Sheets to participate. Everything hinges on us being able to see progress.

**$25 Membership dues will be paid via Paypal.

Have more questions? Visit our website at www.365writingchallenge.com or email us at 365writingchallenge@gmail.com
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Please send your $25 membership payment through Paypal to 365WritingChallenge@gmail.com or click this link http://paypal.me/365writingchallenge. We will send a confirmation email from that email to verify we've received BOTH this form and the payment. Make sure to put our email address in your contacts so that it doesn't go to your spam file. If you don't receive one, please email us.

**There will be NO refunds. We consider this fee an incentive to help you invest in your own writing career as much as we invest in you. We keep the price low not only to allow starving artists to participate, but also to minimize the loss if you decide to not participate at any point. All funds go to paying for 365 because of the financial investments we make on the front end for the webinar access and website. Any excess funds go toward costs currently being incurred by the 10 Minute Novelists group.

If you are in need of financial assistance and would like to apply for a scholarship contact Jessica White at 365writingchallenge@gmail.com
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