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Do you struggle to write consistently?
Are you ready to grow as a writer?
Do you need encouragement and a friendly challenge to keep you motivated?

Then join the 365 Writing Club and spend 2018 surrounded by amazing writers encouraging and challenging one another to reach their goals. This challenge is about commitment and participation.


- Set your own annual word count challenge level from 100 words per day up to 2000 words/day.
- Participate on our Facebook group page where we will share daily inspiration and encouragement.
- Receive badges each month for meeting your goal, writing every day, and hitting milestones.

*You must be a member of 10 Minute Novelists’ FB group to participate. No one will be added to the 365 Writing group who isn't listed in 10 Minute's membership. Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/488365771285615/

*You must have access to Google Sheets to participate. Note anyone failing to update their spreadsheet line for a month will be considered to have removed themselves from the challenge.

Have questions? Just private message 10 Minute Novelist admins Jessica White or Ian McAllister.

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Visit this spreadsheet and enter your name and a daily word count goal. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hqbmG18A7VqS585pyfPAEDm0N2TiO_Lj1sUZcnoeYTo/edit?usp=sharing *
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