Design Leadership Buddy Programme
Interested in being part of the Swedish Design Leadership Buddy Programme? Once a year we connect people who are interested in Design Leadership.

To be part of the programme you will need to read a short introduction to mentorship so we all get a common ground. You will need to meet at least three times in the beginning so you will learn to know each other.

Next programme will start in the fall of 2020.

Please add information about yourself and we will get back to you in September
What is your name?
Where do you live & work?
What is your email?
In what industry do you work?
What is your primary language?
Which school(s) have you attended?
What do you want learn more about in the future?
What are your main struggles today as a design leader?
In what way do you work with leadership today?
How do you define success within your role?
What are you hopes for your role or career?
What topics are important for you at the moment?
What is your primary driver to attend in the buddy programme?
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