NHL94 Heroes Online Qualifier Tournament - Hosted by Edge of 94 Midwest, December 2020
Signup is live for the NHL94 Heroes Tournament, which begins in December 2020.
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NHL94 Heroes is an online NHL94 tournament for Sega Genesis with a Twist. A number of key star players will be removed from the majority of teams, and replaced with generic players in their place. A snake draft will take place prior to the tournament. Players may choose to draft either team first, or a hero. Vanilla players will be named their position, with the last name of the online player controlling the team. The available teams to be drafted, and the number of rounds/heroes to draft will be based on the number of participants. A maximum of 24 team managers will be permitted. A group play "season" will precede the single elimination bracket in the playoffs. Each round of the playoffs will consist of a 3 game series, the higher seed getting the home ice for the 1st and 3rd game. The number of group games to be played will be based on the number of players available. All players will advance to the playoffs. Are you signing up for NHL94 Heroes? *
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Do you have the Retroarch emulator setup with a wired Ethernet connection? Have you verified your ability to host games? Assistance with deployment and hosting will be provided if necessary.
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On a scale of 1(never played the game before) - 10(Has won a world championship), where would you rate yourself on a skill level for NHL94? *
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World Heavyweight Champion
In the event of more than 24 player interest, we may hold two separate tournaments based on available player ability. Divison 1 would consist of guys who play at a high level. Division 2 would consist of newer players, or intermediate players. Keep in mind that your selection does not necessarily determine what division you would be placed in, and that decision is solely up to "Trojan". *
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Being a member of the NHL94 Discord server is a requirement to competing in this tournament. You may join this link. Please confirm you have joined said server. https://discord.gg/kvYSWWC *
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The cost to participate in this event is $15 USD, paid via Paypal to trojan1979@gmail.com, using the friends and family method(no fee is taken out). 50% of the collected fees will be paid to the winner of the tournament, who will not be eligible to participate in the future qualifiers for this "season". The remaining funds will be added to the Edge of 94 Midwest live tournament event in 2021(not yet scheduled). If the live event is unable to take place in 2021, an online tournament will take place, and these funds will then be distributed towards the payout of that event. Have you completed this forma long with your payment? *
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